What is Kontext

An IoT AdTech Company. We make consumer engagement relevant on mobile with or without apps. Our Micro-location signals, processed with powerful machine learning provide the elusive presence infrastructure solution for location owners, brands and advertisers to make their services and promotions more contextual while bridging the online world with the consumer’s offline one.

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Using our network, you can:

  • Deliver relevant, highly engaging content straight to consumer’s mobiles as they enter our proximity hot spots
  • Engage your app users by adding contextualized engagement messaging
  • Target consumers when in periods of high dwell time and in a mindset to engage with your brand

Your mobile strategy, our platform

Kontext highly flexible Mobile SDK makes it easy to add proximity triggers to any iOS or Android mobile app. Integrate and with support for Beacons, WiFi and Geofencing, you’ll be able to reach and engage with the broadest set of consumers across our network or your own, quickly and easily.

Campaign Management made easy

We offer both fully managed and self-serve solutions for implementing your mobile proximity marketing campaigns. Our dedicated team of Customer Success professionals brings expertise to get you started and ongoing support to ensure your long-term success.

  • Platform setup & training
  • Campaign planning & execution
  • Results analysis
  • Technical support

Intelligent consumer insight

Kontext analytics will ensure you always know who, what, where and when with regards to measuring RoI of your mobile proximity marketing campaign, especially when combined with your own mobile app data.

  • Track footfall and map consumer audience figures at individual locations
  • Identify hot spots and measure time spent at designated locations
  • Campaign reporting, including notifications sent and click-through rates

Create your own network

Install beacons in your own locations to target consumers with personalized, relevant and timely content, to create a more engaging experience with your brand.

Who we work with?


Engage your customers via mobile when they are in times of dwell and close to PoS.

Location Owners

Engage your visitors at destinations such as shopping malls, stadiums, city centres and events.

App Owners

Become partner and drive new revenue streams and increase user engagement with your app.


Get better ROI for your clients by incorporating mobile proximity marketing into your campaigns.

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