What can we do for you?

Our proprietary presence infrastructure and data intelligence platform analyses real-world location patterns of active smartphone users, allowing businesses to develop incredible new insights about consumer behaviour in the physical world and enabling them to delight consumers by bridging their online and offline worlds.

Spend wisely. Attribute Online spends to Offline impact and create real-world audience segments to reach online.

Delight users. Use hyperlocal signals to drive engagement and enhance monitization.

Unique targetting. Layer 1st party micro-location data on your existing inventory or create new segments for your advertiser’s.

Proximity digital visibility. Make your promotions visible on mobiles around your outlet – driving footfalls, omnichannel sales and loyalty.

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Founding Team

Akshay Dekate, Co-Founder

Shailesh Srivastava, Co-Founder

Advisory Board

Head Marketing Solutions, Google

Director Strategy and Transformation, Holostik

Chief Executive Officer, Tavisca Solutions