Building the future of customer engagement

Kontext is a Creative Development Workshop with a vision of to create products that help companies engage and understand your customers better. We are a Startup with software as well as hardware element.

Our Clients

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

Our Products


Own the relationship end-to-end, from campaign to product, to build a continuous brand experience.​


Deliver relevance with real-time understanding of customer's behavior inside & outside stores.​

Smart Display

Engage store customers with immersive content for instant gratification based on the products they pick and engage with.

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Our Value-Added Services

Data Engineering

Extend Kontext stack with support for tracking new platforms, enrichments and storage targets.

Data Analytics

Use data to build intelligence to solve specific problems across different media channels

Customer Success

Continuous execution and optimization support so that all this can happen while you’re on vacation.