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Redefining the entertainment experience

Making multi-media content management hassle-free

We bring a fresh outlook to entertainment industry

Kontext develops solutions for entertainment industry to help you revamp the experience the way media is produced and consumed and providing global accessibility. 

Taking the entertainment industry to the next level

Our team leverages modern technologies to develop Next-Gen media and entertainment applications delivering fast experience to the end users


Making Augmented and Virtual Reality a total reality for entertainment industry.

Deep learning

Improving customer experience by deploying algorithms


We make your entertainment app offering immutable and transparent by powering it with Blockchain capabilities.

Offering best services in the entertainment sector

We aim at revolutionising the customer experience by delivering seamless and hassle-free media and entertainment applications allowing them to choose what, when and where to watch, listen or read

Features available in entertainment applications

We bring to you in-trend digital services allowing your customers to make the most of their time spent online 

Video streaming

We develop light applications without compromising on the quality of content being stored or transmitted. We provide live video streaming, on-demand video streaming, social video sharing and user managements.

Music streaming

We manage multiple active users allowing audio catalog, series playlist, bandwidth adjustment, genres selection, etc.

Photo editing and sharing

Our services help users to create and share images effortlessly along with geo-tagging facilities.


We create next-gen deep learning driven gaming applications, revolutionising the customer experience 

Content aggregation

Using cloud platforms for content aggregation, our apps allow accessibility from any location and bulk storage. 

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