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End-to-End Healthcare App Development Services

Bringing mobility to your existing workflows and improving patient care facilities

Improving the healthcare sector

Kontext Technologies provides services like health tracking, emergency, medication reminder or EMR/EHR while ensuring experience caters to the ability of the targeted age group users and secure connectivity and information transfer between patients and doctors.

We understand the intricacies involved in healthcare sector

Innovating the healthcare sector with modern technology resources

Regulation complaint

We ensure that digital healthcare solutions are HIPPA complaint giving priority to privacy of user's data.


We work towards providing wholistic solutions covering the aspects specific to the requirement specifications.


We provide secure communication and exchange of patient data between patients and doctors and other medical professional service providers.


It is of utmost important that the patient data confidentiality is maintained across all application types


The patient data privacy is maintained across all application types

We aim at enhancing the experience of healthcare professionals and customers

Kontext offers fully HIPAA compliant healthcare application development solutions and services.


Embrace digital healthcare with our mobile services

Our development teamworks on popular healthcare technologies to deliver novel solutions. 

Electronic health record

Keeping track of physical fitness and integrating it with hospital systems to ensure regular monitoring and guidance.


Based on medical history and health conditions of individual patients, the medicine prescription process is simplified.    

Process management

We develop comprehensive apps to manage medical appointments effortlessly 

Insurance Claim

We build apps that make the insurance policy details and benefits easily accessible for the end customer allowing hassle-free claim procedure.

Medication tracking

From recording medication history, doses and meals to sending alerts for medicine reminders, we aim at improving the adherence for better recovery. 

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