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Its more than good food!

Developing seamless application for restaurant businesses enhancing customer engagement

Improving your business growth leveraging modern tech-stack

We at Kontext Technologies work with a team having a strong background in modern technologies and deliver services that leads to higher customer engagement

We offer the right recipe for a successful restaurant application

Kontext develops digital solutions to help you revamp the customer experience.

Local deals

Notify your app users about the best deals and offers specific to their location or even generic campaign information

Public reviews

Your customer can share the reviews of the restaurant and recommend it to their family and friends, enhancing your business eventually

Loyalty programs

To keep your customers engaged, you can send them special deals, promotional codes and even notifications about upcoming events at the restaurant.


Managing usage information of application customers helps in developing analytics for future promotional campaigns

Easy menu display

An intuitive display that allows seamless ordering of food from multiple choices that can be filtered by different criterias and delivery tracking.

Event display

Notifying the users about nearby events, festivities and special days/ evenings ensuring a good gathering of your customers


Sending app notifications to your customers about special offers and campaigns happening at your restaurant or chain.

Quick reservations

Your customers can book a table in advance at your restaurant especially during special occasions, reducing the wait time and enhancing the customer experience

Improve your ROI with a perfect blend of technologies and business requirements

Seamless and hassle-free, rich experience enhances customer engagement and loyalty

Revolutionising the restaurant industry

Offering a suite of attractive functionalities to have in your application  

Push notifications

For a unique and personalised experience, our apps enable you to send push notifications to your customers 

Multiple platform compatible apps

We develop apps that compatible with different platforms and devices, giving a smooth experience to your customers

Coupon system

Boost your business by promoting your restaurant via coupon codes and loyalty programs

Location integration

Our apps have GPS integration that lets the app pinpoint users’ locations automatically and accurately. Then detailed instructions can be left regarding preferred delivery options and payment methods. Tailor-made and customizable for all.

Automatic and accurate location identification of users, gives an easy ordering capability to the users. Other details can then be specified by the customer 

Embeddable media content

High resolution images, video clips and other media related to the food, menu items, near-by landmark, etc. can help in gaining customer attraction 

Multiple secure payment options

Easy payment options via e-wallets, coupon redemption, online transfers allow for a smooth transaction

Referral feature

Your customers can refer your restaurant via codes or links, receiving bonus points and also engaging new customers 

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